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My Lessons: This is the place you will use most of the time. You will see a list of the entire lessons in chronological order.

Edit: If you wish, you can change your passwords, email address, and your account picture (avatar) from here.

To submit your Youtube video link, click on the "Upload" from the Menu.

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b: You can upload sheetmusic from here (it is important that we use the same version/edition).
c: Leave any message here such as questions or comments.

Each lesson found on the "My Account" page offers detailed instructions and advice with multimedia materials (images and videos) that are 100% tailored to you.

Another distinctive advantage of this platform is the interactive aspect. You can ask me questions using the comment form in the lower part of each lesson page. In this way, you can quickly solve problems without having to wait for the next lesson. I can assure you that you have never tried this level of the detailed and supportive learning experience.

Lesson page Comment System

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You can submit your Youtube video here if it is related to the topic on the current lesson page so we can keep the thread of the conversation. Otherwise, use the Upload function explained above (3. Youtube Video and Sheemusic Submission).
You can also upload images by clicking the picture icon.